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Each partnership project is unique and is built in close cooperation with your brand according to your values and communications goals:

  • to associate your brand to the leading contemporary art fair in Europe exclusively dedicated to drawings, a fair which is now part of the international show calendar of major fairgoers.
  • to enhance your company and your brand’s values in a creative and innovative environment attended by a targeted public of art lovers (VIPs and professionals, collectors, galleries, artists, museum directors and curators, young “amateurs d’art”).
  •  to present your brand and products in situ during the fair and over a year (advertisements in monthly, weekly and daily newspapers and magazines). Moreover all year round, through press relations and the web portal www. highlighting contemporary drawing news even further the fair itself.

A major event in Europe

  •  20 070 visitors (4 000 VIP)
  • The Carreau du Temple: a unique space, which will become a fantastic cultural venue in the heart of the Marais, a central Parisian district already fully involved in art and culture
  •  Over 600 accredited French and international journalists
  • A large-scale media plan
  • Press visibility before, during and after the event

Enthusiast press clippings

Henri-François Debailleux, Le Journal des Arts

“What is immediately striking about Drawing Now is the incredible range of age-groups, techniques, art-forms, and styles on show (from Christian Berst’s art brut to Le Gun’s surreal fox-drawn ambulance, exhibited by Suzanne Tarasieve)…/…we were at last party to the delights of the unexpected…/…The high standard of the fair proved very popular with visitors, who came in droves (20,070 people flocked to the event, 10% up on 2013), many of them there to buy. Most participants were very satisfied with the fair, all the more so due to the pleasant new venue.”

B. P., Télérama Sortir

“A fitting addition to the calendar, known as one of the artistic highlights of the year”

Tom Laurent, (art absolument)

“In addition to quality pieces on display from participating galleries, the Drawing Art fair lays on a full cultural programme, of which exhibitions are one of the highlights”

Connaissance des arts

“Among its 20,000 visitors, the fair was able to draw both those hunting for the biggest names in modern art as well as new collectors, due in no small measure to the exhibitors’ willingness to share their knowledge and the large numbers of artists in attendance”

Anaël Pigeat, Artpress

“The artistic debate that saw colour pitched against drawing in the 17th century – the famous Querelle du Coloris between the ideas of Poussin and Ruben – is a distant memory, with drawing having come into its own long ago. Due to either the whims of the market or a more definite trend, for a few days every spring for the last eight years Paris has turned its attention to contemporary drawing for the DRAWING NOW art fair.”

Paris Capitale

“The amazing organizers [were] able bring the only modern art fair dedicated entirely to drawing to Paris, and it’s not to be missed!”

Etienne Dumont,

“We know that contemporary drawing is experiencing something of a renaissance among young artists, one that is as flourishing as it is unexpected. For many years, following the civil unrest of May 1968, some French art schools forbade their students from touching a brush or a pencil, a measure that was far too reactionary! But now we are seeing that what goes around comes around, and for many young artists, installations and video now seem to be old-hat. They are going back to the studio, back to work, and back to taking their time”

Philippe Dagen, Le monde

“This year’s event, the 8th, was attended by 87 galleries, half of which came from abroad, and was one of the best incarnations of the Contemporary Drawing Art fair yet. Its success is due […] to the current situation of drawing, a concept here understood in its broadest sense of graphic creation in a small or medium format: pieces that are often intimate or experimental, playing upon categories and modes. The closest possible proximity between spectators and creators was coupled with the interest to discover little known artists, and lesser known work by established figures.” 

Roxana Azimi, Le Quotidien de l’Art

“An art fair for the curious art lover”

Valérie Sasportas, Le Figaro

“Sunday 30 March, and the results exceed all expectations: over 20,000 visitors, with large numbers coming from abroad, especially from Italy and Holland. This was accompanied by record sales of drawings acquired for between €1500 and €30,000…/… Mature art was on display at the Carreau du Temple that was swarming with visitors, whether casual art lovers and seasoned collectors”

And in 2013…

“Dessine-moi une collection” (“Draw me a collection”) - Arts Magazine, April 2013

“At a time when the art market swears only by London and New York, Paris becomes the world art capital for a week thanks to the wild world of drawing.”

“Têtes coupées et terreurs de papier” (“Severed heads and paper terrors”) by Philippe Dagen - Le Monde, April 13, 2013

“The appealing and interesting Drawing Now is back for a seventh year… there are primarily drawings on display, but also collages, prints, mixed media. Pencil, watercolor, gouache, ink, pastel used separately or together. There is a broad variety of materials and techniques, styles, too. And something else makes Drawing Now unique. Here, with rare exceptions, there are only works from living artists, in many cases, young artists. This is even more significant when we note that, over the last decade, new generations of artists are very happy to work on paper. One would expect that from painters, but it is also confirmed on the part of those who do installations, sculpture, sometimes even video. It is therefore not unreasonable to expect to see signs of an impending trend or a fad here.”

“Le dessin, absolument tendance” (“Drawing is downright trendy”) by Dominique Legrand - Le Soir, Belgian daily – April 10, 2013

“This is one of the strengths of Drawing Now, a show dedicated exclusively to contemporary drawing: putting on the market quality works of widely varying prices… The growing strength of drawing on the contemporary art market could well be due to its ability to capture the strengths, tempos and evolutions of the world.”

“Le dessin superstar à Drawing Now” (“Drawing Now’s design superstar”) by Roger Pierre Turine - Lalibre, Belgian daily, 5 April 2013

“The event’s organisers, led by Chairwoman Christine Phal, decided to innovate further, making Drawing Now or the Salon du Dessin Contemporain a dynamic event, and thus one with a future.”

“Drawing now Paris : le dessin au présent !” (“Drawing Now Paris: drawing in the present tense”), Paris Capitale, monthly, March 2013

“A gamble that succeeded for the team led by Christine Phal, who championed this project. When first proposed, it seemed utopian to many naysayers. Now it has earned the status of a major, must-see show. The incredible variety of the drawings presented makes this event an essential one, even for beginners.”

“Démarrage positif sur DRAWING NOW” (“DRAWING NOW off to a good start”) by Roxana Azimi – Le Quotidien de l’Art, 11 April 2013

“Though the chilly economic climate seems to have frozen French collectors’ wallets, drawing remains one of the few media not to have scared them off.”

“Drawing Now, le rendez-vous du dessin contemporain” (“Contemporary drawing gathered at Drawing Now”) – Connaissance des Arts, April 2013

“… a nice balance between innovation and maturity… Once again, Drawing Now is a place where one can make genuine and delightful discoveries.”

“La recette à succès de Drawing Now” (“Drawing Now’s recipe for success”) by Eléonore Thery - Le Journal des Arts, 29 March - 11 April 2013

“The show’s internationalisation is particularly conspicuous this year, and presenting international galleries and artists is our priority,” says the show’s chairwoman. “In fact, 30% of exhibitors in the Reference section are foreign; and 50% in the Emergence sector.”

“Drawing Now, l’âge de (dé)raison” (“Drawing Now, the age, or lack, of reason”) by Vincent Delaury – L’Oeil, April 2013

“Now a must on the contemporary art calendar, Drawing Now, the Salon du Dessin Contemporain…/… is held for the seventh time this year and, thus, the age of reason.

“But, as pointed out by the event’s chairman, Christine Phal, this greater maturity does not hinder the ‘dash of the irrational that has its own surprises in store!’”


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