For the 11th edition

Master Now

“For DRAWING NOW’s 10th anniversary, a dozen galleries will display artworks by recognized contemporary artists they represent and which they consider true masterpieces. From one booth to another, these pieces will be highlighted with particular attention. This will create a remarkable tour throughout the fair, leading up to the pinnacle “MASTER NOW” section.”

Philippe Piguet, artistic director

The galleries 2017 :

  • Art Bärtschi & Cie, with Giuseppe Penone
  • Galerie Anne Barrault, with Roland Topor
  • Christian berst art brut with Anna Zemankova
  • Galerie Jean Fournier, with Kimber Smith
  • Galerie Karsten Greve with Pierrette Bloch
  • Galerie Iragui, with Pivovarov Viktor
  • Galerie Catherine Issert, with Jean-Michel Alberola
  • Galerie Lelong, with David Hockney
  • Galerie Oniris – Florent Paumelle, with Aurélie Nemours
  • Galerie Papillon, with Hreinn Fridfinnsson
  • Semiose, with Ernest T.

Kimber Smith, sans titre, encre et peinture acrylique sur papier, 1957

David Hockney, Celia Holywood, mai – 84, encre sur papier, 76,2 x 57,2

The galleries 2016:

  • Christian Berst Art Brut, with Fengyi Guo
  • Galerie Bernard Ceysson, with Claude Viallat
  • Galerie Jean Fournier, with Michel Parmentier
  • Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, with Jean Dubuffet
  • Galerie Bernard Jordan, with Paul van der Eerden
  • Galerie Lelong, with Pierre Alechinsky
  • Galerie Papillon, with Erik Dietman
  • Galerie Catherine Putman, with Georg Baselitz
  • Semiose, with William Burroughs
  • Galerie Suzanne Tarasiève, with Markus Lüpertz
  • Galerie GP & N Vallois, with Richard Jackson

Georg Baselitz
Sans titre, 2015
lavis-et-encre-sur-papier, 66 x 50,1 cm
Galerie Putman

Georg Baselitz , Sans titre, 2015, lavis-et-encre-sur-papier, 66 x 50,1 cm

Richard Jackson
Sans Titre, 1971
Crayon et peinture sur papier / Pencil and paint on paper
87 x 107 cm / 34 1/4 x 42 1/8 in.
Pièce unique / Unique piece