Programme 2015

DRAWING NOW PARIS will offer you a full program of talks, interviews with artists, and a video program to showcase all aspects of contemporary drawing through the eyes of experts and artists.

Wednesday 25 March

  • NoonInterview of Ernest Pignon-Ernest by Philippe Piguet, artistic director.
  • 5pm: Drawing Talk, The limits of contemporary drawing? (In English)
    With Agnès Callu, historian, Arts décoratifs museum, CNRS-Institut d’histoire du temps présent, Kate Macfarlane, co-director of London’s Drawing Room, Elsy Lahner, contemporary art curator at the Albertina Museum, Vienna, Brett Littman, executive director of the Drawing Center New York.

Thursday 26 March

  • Noon: Interview of Lucy + Jorge Orta by Philippe Piguet, artistic director.
  • 5pm: Drawing Talk, Keeping your collection of drawings alive
    Buying, developing, selling, and more. How to establish and maintain a collection of drawings.Moderator: Guy Boyer, editor of Connaissance des arts, with Aurélie Deplus, director of sponsorship at the Société Générale, Véronique Souben, director of the FRAC Haute-Normandie, Gilles Fuchs, chairman of ADIAF, Benjamin Peronnet, international director of the Old master and XIXth century drawing department at Christie’s.

Friday 27 March

  • Noon: Interview of Alain Declercq by Philippe Piguet, artistic director.
  • 5pm: Drawing Talk Drawing in outsider art
    Over the last ten years, outsider art has entered contemporary art collections.
    Moderator: Philippe Piguet, art critic, with Roxana Azimi, journalist, cofounder of the Quotidien de l’Art, author of “La folie de l’art brut”, Becca Hoffman, director of Andrew Edlin Gallery, Christian Berst, director of Christian Berst Art Brut, Christophe Boulanger, in charge of the outsider art collection at the LAM (Lille Métropole, Musée d’art moderne, d’art contemporain et d’art brut), Laurent Nebot, art lover.

Drawing In Process: Christian Lhopital.

Saturday 28 March

  • Noon: Interview of Nazanin Pouyandeh by Philippe Piguet, artistic director.
  • 5pm: Drawing Talk, Committed draughtsmanship
    How far can collectors, gallery owners, and institutional professionals go in their collections?
    Moderator: Fabien Simode, editor of L’OEil, with Martine Mauvieux, curator in charge of the press drawing at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Catherine Millet, editor of art press, Marion Papillon, vice-chairwoman of the Comité des galeries d’art, Marc Donnadieu, curator in charge of the contemporary art at the LaM (Lille Métropole, Musée d’art moderne, d’art contemporain et d’art brut).


A video programme was built with the support of Brett Littman, executive director of the Drawing Center New York, in order to present another aspect of contemporary drawing.
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Programme 2014

Find videos of Drawing Talks and Drawing Interviews, and also the cultural exhibition Le mur et le dessin by Philippe Piguet, the Drawing In Process and the video programme of the edition 8th of DRAWING NOW PARIS.
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