MAIN SECTOR – Ground floor: 

This space is located under the glass roof of the Carreau du Temple, on the ground floor.
It presents established galleries presenting an artist in focus over at least 30% of the booth.

INSIGHT SECTOR – Lower level: 

It is a new platform for discovery which allows visitors to discover new artists – french or international – who are less known and presented in a solo or duo show by emerging or more established galleries.

This sector benefits from a specific mediation for the booths.

PROCESS SECTOR – Lower level: 

It introduces galleries which present a specific project designed between the gallerist and the artist(s) – and eventually a curator – and build as an exhibition (thematic, theoric, experimental or curated) with an obligatory exhibition text. This section presents another aspect of contemporary drawing (videos, animes, etc.) and benefits from a specific mediation for the booths.