Month of Drawing: Le Trait plein d’attrait (‘Plentiful Attractive Traits’), A new season of drawing to harness all creative energies by DRAWING NOW Art Fair

There is no more need to demonstrate that March, more than any other, is the month of drawing.

The DRAWING NOW Art Fair continues to strengthen the position of drawing and its role in providing access to art and culture. This year, the fair is introducing the Month of Drawing with ‘Plentiful Attractive Traits’.

Supported by the Ministry of Culture, a month of Plentiful Attractive Traits will stimulate involvement by students, schools, and art by amateurs who have already been very active in the domain of drawing for a solid twelve years with the DRAWING NOW Art Fair.

DRAWING NOW Art Fair gathers art centers and institutions of Paris and Ile-de-France region. This will permit workshops to be led by contemporary artists whose predominant medium is drawing. Participants will benefit from their expertise. The crucial role of artists in the transmission of know-how will give rise to several forms of interaction in the upcoming edition of DRAWING NOW Art Fair. Work created during workshops will be exhibited.

Talks and recordings of the workshops are planed on March, Thursday 22nd at the Auditorium of Carreau du Temple from 2pm to 4pm.